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Stockholm, Sweden's Subway Artworks

Alright. After my Barcelona SoloTravelSolo in May 2019, I decided to say hello to a college friend who works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stadion station
To be honest, I did not do much of research about Stockholm. I considered this getaway as one of my "wherever, whatever" travel. But little did I know, Stockholm is the capital of Scandinavia and this lovely city offers a lot of interesting places to visit. One is the art of their subways!

3D2N Solo Travel in Barcelona, Spain for €36

As what they always say, travel solo once in your life. True that!
La Sagrada Familia
So, for my first solo travel I chose to go to Barcelona, Spain. The Spanish vibe seems to be interesting because as many people know, Philippines was colonized by the Spaniards for 300 years. Fact check please. :)

The Windmill Village of Zaanse Schans, Netherlands

Have you seen a traditional classic kind of windmill? I did.

Actually, I have seen from some parts of Ireland, California, and particularly in Ilocos, Philippines before windmill-likes called the wind turbines. I'm sure you have seen one yourself too those tall white poles with 3 long blades rotating as the wind blows from which the main purpose is to generate electricity.

Enjoy 14 Tourist Attractions in Paris City for €45

Bonjour! Welcome back to my blog!

The Big Bus Tour Paris

This time I wan to share our short vacation in Paris, also known as the City of Love. As most people would say, Paris is expensive. But I think I can argue with that, it really depends on how you will explore this lovely city in France.


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