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My TF gave me my requested cake a year ago. The candles read 21 but #1 candle was not available so what they did was they trimmed the #7 to make it look #1. LOL. I can see their effort. A bunch of thanks! ;D

Am I really happy? Answer is, IDK. I don't know.

Today is my special day. But I can't feel it.

My mom is more excited for my birthday. She kept on asking me since a week ago about my plans for my birthday. She asked me like a thousand times. That's how excited she is. I suggest, she should be the celebrant rather than me. LOL.

Anyway, today is just an ordinary day for me. Nothing's special. Although I feel emo today, still I am grateful for God gave me another year for me to prove my worth.

Let me tell you why I feel so damn emo today. I have like 22 reasons why I'm emo as of this moment. ;D

First. I am 22. I still want to be 18. LOL. Yeah! I admit, I do not want to get old. Who loves to? Toinkz! But then again, age is just a number. Go meet me in person and see if my age justifies my looks. Hahaha kidding aside. ;D

Speechless from the surprise. Sweetness!

Second. Out of my 9 beloved friends, only 2 of them coming on my party. How is that? Damn! I miss the old times. I miss their stupid faces. LOL. I miss goofing around with them. I can still remember the surprise they gave me exactly a year ago which makes me miss them even more. Hahai.

Third. My wish list is in idle. I made this list of wishes and until now nothing happens. Tsk tsk tsk. Slap me for like a hundred times please so I can feel the motivation to make my wishes come true.

The old fatty me. Hahaha.This is sooooo last year. ;D

Fourth. Love is not in the air. Can you find it for me? LOL

Hmmm. I ran out of words so instead of 22 reasons, I'll just leave you my four reasons. Hehehe ;)

Ciao for now! Keep smiling amidst of downfalls. ;)

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