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My Guilty Pleasure

Everyone wants to be pleased but not everybody can be pleased.

I am simple and simple things satisfy me. The simplest reason that could please me is having chocolates touching my taste buds. *grin*

The fact of the matter is despite having super sensitive tonsils, I still love eating sweets. My mom would always reprimand me for eating too much of it.

I had tonsillitis twice in a row in the year 2009. The worst was the 2nd time I had it. I was rushed to the emergency room because we thought I was having dengue fever due to the signs and symptoms I was manifesting. I had on and off fever, body malaise, headache, and my laboratory results showed that my platelet count was declining from the normal range.


I was even self-medicating through drinking bottles of “tawa-tawa”. I swear! I don’t like the taste of that herbal med. It made me feel even sicker. Toinkz! After few days, we found out it was a false diagnosis. I was having TONSILLITIS!

That was the worst ever tonsillitis I had experienced for such reason that the presence of pus was already vivid. I can even taste it! So filthy. Ewww.

Trivia: Bacteria love glucose and will replicate if glucose is in abundance. This is why tonsils get inflamed. Yeah! Blame it all to the sweets you ate.

Having tonsillitis twice in a year is ALARMING. Know why? Because I’m close to having Rheumatic Heart Disease and close in undergoing tonsillectomy. o_o

Anyway, I have learned my lessons. But still I love chocolates! Hahaha! I just need to increase my fluid intake twice as much as I eat a chocolate bar so to dilute the sweetness. LOL. Reasons! ^^,

Trivia: Chocolates or any sweets are rich in endorphins also known as “Happy Hormones”. It helps to reduce pain and the reason why depressed people love to eat sweets.

And oh yeah! Guess what? I had tonsillitis again twice this year. LMAO.


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