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Months or so, I have been eager to be in “in a relationship” status. I have been like talking to God and asking Him to bless me a partner that is worth fighting for. Guess, His answer was “Wait for awhile”.

But now, humbly saying, there are some people who are knocking on the chambers of my heart. I gave a chance to one of the some yet it didn’t work out.

The truth of the matter is I am giving my heart a break from the so-called love affair. I decided to give more time on my career and to shape my future. They said having special someone by my side can make me happier but for me, there are so many reasons to be happy aside from having an intimate relationship with someone.

Being single does not make me a less of a person. It does not mean I am unhappy. True, having someone special excites me every single day but having family and friends excites me even more. I can hug and kiss them too although not exactly the same as to with a special someone but what important is I am loved by my loved ones.

Lately, I realized the deep essence of having true friends. They are my angels. They are so total package for me. Having them in my life is like having friends, sisters, and mothers at the same time. I am so grateful that I have friends who are a call and beep away. Honestly, never had I expected to meet such great people along this journey and my constant prayer is to be able to keep them until the end.

So if you have friends who make your life worth living for, keep them. Always let them know how much you love their presence and how much you appreciate their existence. Cherish every moment for you will never know when it will end. Always tell them words that would make their spirit uplifted like “I love you”, “I miss you”, and/or “Thank you”. Trust me, they will giggle endlessly.

And if you are single plus young, do not be in a hurry. Always enjoy the moment of being one and being untied. There is more to life. There is always time for every single thing, Babe. ;)

Chill! ;)

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