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Another Year #7: Happy Birthday Francx & Steven!!!

I would like to greet these two amazing people I know a merry merry birthday to you! May all your wishes become reality. More blessings to come. Good health and wealth as always. Take care always guys!

Francx Michael Zamora, my grade school friend. (Photo taken: June 2010)
Thank you for being a true friend. All those advices are well appreciated. Stay being real and true to yourself. I hope you have a great journey to the greener pasture. Love you! ^_^

Steven Silva, our neighbor. (Photo taken: April 2010)
Aloha! Thanks Steve for being so nice and accommodating. Stay humble silingan! God bless in your career. Keep smiling. ^_^

Chill! ;)



kim said...

that's so thoughtful of you to post about your friend..

Jingle Poetry said...

Happy Birthday...
sweet post for your friends.

don't forget to link some of your poems to potluck tonight,
Happy Sunday!

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