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Music: Meet Tyler Ward

As they say, Music is FOOD for the soul. For me, I can't live without music. I love music. I love the guitar though I've been on hiatus playing the chords for a year already. I bet I need to practice strumming and plucking the chords again. Soon, when I purchase a new acoustic guitar with my own expense. (>.<)

Anyway, enough of me. Let's talk about Music made by other people. Songs that were written and played by great musicians who I never knew until I spend the whole day surfing on YouTube.

I want you to meet Tyler Ward. I can't say a lot about him for such reason that I just heard his songs and cover songs yesterday morning. Honestly, I LOVE HIS VOICE. I love the way he sings and strums the guitar. I love his music studio. To know more about him, go check his website, follow him on twitter, add him up on myspace, and/or like him on facebook. Listen and watch for his songs and cover songs on YouTube for you to judge.

My fave cover song. ;)


Chill! ;)



Jingle said...

This is cool.
love concerts.

Jingle said...

Happy Friday,
take any awards you like from my post.

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