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Tutti Frutti wasn't that Bad

Sweet lovers get ecstatic whenever they heard that there is a new sweet course to be tried and to be tasted in their vicinity. An example would be... me and my friends.

My friends and I were curious to the new frozen yogurt depot in the city. I am not sure when the exact date they put it up but I’m sure that it is located on one of the huge malls in our city, the Gaisano Mall of Davao. So we tried it just to feed our curiosity.

In Tutti Frutti, you have the option to whatever flavor of frozen yogurt you like and have all the free will to choose what add on you can mix.

20php per oz. The price depends on how heavy is your cup. The heavy it is, the bigger price you pay.

So make sure that you choose the lightest mixture.

Try it for you to experience! Happy eating. ^_^

Chill! :)


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