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What Keeps You Busy?

So, what keeps you busy these days? Allow me to share mine.

At first, I don't like what I am doing. For such reason that there are certain instructions to be followed and in some instances, I don't like following rules and instructions. However, I started to love it along the way.

I started to know more about Freelance Writing way back May 2010. A friend introduced me to his friend who became my first Employer from the world of article writing.

I must say, my first time in this field was not that easy. I was pressured with time and the task given to me. My first ever article written for online publishing was about Poker.

I so did not like it. Here's why.
  1. I do NOT have any idea about Poker.
  2. I don't like Poker.
  3. The article must consist of 1000 words
  4. I must finish 3 articles about Poker.
  5. I must finish those articles after 12 hours.
If you're in my situation, will you like your first task? >.<

Thankfully, I finished my first task and was able to pass it to my employer on time. Thus, I had a sleepless night then. I told her that I don't think I did well on my first task but she told me to wait for her comment after she's done checking my articles. Unexpectedly, she emailed me that I did great on my first task. After which, I continue working with her until first week of July of the same year.

July up to October 2010, I was busy in the field of my calling --- Nursing.

Now, I'm back to writing. The same friend introduced me to oDesk last November. I tried and grabbed the opportunity. I signed up at the same month but I begun applying to numerous employers early December. Fortunately, a Filipino employer hired me and assigned me with easy tasks. Actually, my first payment received via paypal was from him.

So, this is the reason why I'm busy these days. Article writing. Maybe some of you are part of this era as well while some are not.

To know more about Freelance Writing, you can check oDesk.


Chill! :)


Kraehe said...

Im also in odesk, as a programmer. I do article writing elsewhere hihi.

Happy earning.

LhanLhan said...

hirap sa odesk, apply ako ng data entry but still wla pa rin.. ano mga ginawa mo at ano mga inapplyan mo chamz?

LhanLhan said...

if you have some tips it will be my pleasure.. thanx!

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