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10 People with Amazing Medical Conditions

Ashleigh Morris with Aquagenic Urticaria also known as Allergic to water.

Rhett Lamb, the boy who couldn't sleep due to Chiari Malformation.

Wim Hof, Iceman of Everest.

Mr. Perry, the man who can't get fat due to Lipodystrophy.

Sarah Carmen, the woman who has 200 orgasms per day.

Debbie Bird, the woman who is allergic to modern technology.

Chris Sands, the man who can't stop hiccuping.

Natalie Cooper, the girl who eats only tic tacs.

AJ, the woman who can't forget.

Kay Underwood, the girl that collapses every time she laughs.

Chill! :)



Rah said...

200 orgasms per day! homaygad, she's lucky person :) hehe

Anonymous said...

wow can't believe.
hahaha uu nga 200 orgasms.LOL

Kamila said...

waaaah 200 orgasms,...kaloko yun ah

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