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Another Year #11: Happy Birthday Chill and MJ!

A super BELATED greeting for two of the most important people of my life. ^_^

January 12. Chill, my generous chum.
Dear Chill,
Choi thanks for everything. I never knew we will be close friends. I am grateful that you are part of my list of real friends. You are indeed, worth keeping for. I know you are having a tough time right now. Challenges are part of our journey. I  wish and pray that you can surpass them all. Aja! choi. We (especially me) are always here for you through UPs and DOWNs.
My wish list for you comprised of good health always, happiness, success, safety, security, and more birthdays to come.! Love you choi. Happy Birthday! J

January 22. MJ, my entertainer chum. 

Dear MJ,
Thank you gat for the friendship and for all the punchlines that never fail me to laugh out loud. I am proud to have you in my list of real friends. Your wittiness taught me a lot. If in case we keep hanging out for 1 week straight, I bet I'll be as girlie as you are by then. LOL
Just so you know gat, I am always here for you through UPs and DOWNs. I wish you good health, wealth J, success, safety, security, happiness, and more birthdays to come. Love you gat. Happy Birthday! J

PS: Mga choi, sorry for the late online greeting. Rest assured, I greeted you personally and via SMS on your special day. Right? J

Smile! J



Anonymous said...

bkit walang wealth sa msg mo sakin? hehehehee LOLs.. tnx choi... mwwuhaahh... it almost made me cry.. heheheheh love you too choi.. :D

uno said...

nakikibati na rin wala pa ako s ablog roll mo. hehehe

Kamila said...

happy birthday sa kanilang dalawa..

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