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Happy New Header!

"Let's face the year 2011 with an optimistic attitude. Learn to forgive, trust, and love yourself as well as others. Life is indeed not that easy and trials will always try to put you down. Hence, keep your faith firm, do your best, and everything's gonna be alright. Goodnight 2010 and GOOD MORNING 2011!"
This is sooo 2000 and 10. lol
Happy new year, readers and strangers! :)

Yes, it's new year. I have a lot of words in my mind right now that I would like to share. I am just not sure how to arrange these words. As much as I wanted to make this blog post sensible.

For this reason, I decided to make my NEW header banner for this Journey blog. Let the banner do the talking. LOL
My 2011 header

Kidding! So what's new? I bet most of you have their own New Year's Resolution. And for sure, it's in the form of a list. Mine would be in the form of one line only.

"This year is gonna be a better year."

One sentence that has an umbrella effect. I know there are thousands of detours along the way that can turn my mind into a scattered mind just what happened in the year 2010.

I had a scattered mind. I wanted to do this, that, and a lot. I tend to juggle everything.

Now, in relation to my new banner, I want a NEW me. A new map for my journey.

My signature is NEW as well. ^_^
Cheers! :)



Anonymous said...

happy new year chamz. :)

Mayet said...

nice new header!!

Stafford Ray said...

Happy New Year and may your 2011 journey turn up a few gems!

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