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More Pizza Pleazzzze

As what I mentioned, I spent most of the time since January of this year hanging out with my friends. Our daily routine for the past few weeks was Eat-Drink-Laugh-Enjoy!

So in this post, I am sharing one of my favorite cravings and what we usually ate during those weeks. 

Lah! P I Z Z A! J

All mine. 

Mouth-watering, yeah?

Want a bite?

2 Flavors in 1 order. LOL

Snippet Pizza

Just so you know, the purpose of this post is to make you all HUNGRY.



Jona said...

thanks for the visit :D
yez you are successful in making me salivate through this post :P
A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

Diamond R said...

love ko ang pizza.nagutom akong bigla in the middle of the night.looking those pics.