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The End of the Beginning

League of Catalysts - GOP Batch 66

It was indeed a nice experience to work with these people. I must say, they are all brilliant and talented in their own way. I've learned a lot from each of them. There were moments worth cherishing for like those times we got the chance to get to know well, those times we spend breakfast after our noc shift duty, times we spent hanging in a crib just to finish a case study, times we discussed different views to a certain scenario, times where conflict and misunderstanding existed, those times we spent in a movie house, in a coffee shop, and those times we spent singing and gone wild in a videoke booth.

Saying goodbye is the part I hate the most. Yes, our training program has ended and we all passed the program. The bad news is, I'll surely miss them.

Anyway, I will always be grateful for being part of this family. Kudos League of Catalysts! J


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The Backpack Man said...

congrats chamz..burger unja ha.

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