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Hi! It's me, Chamz. J

I am the author of this journey blog. Obviously. I have a lot things to share with you that I missed writing them. It took me a month to hibernate from posting real blog entries, though, I was posting videos for the 30-Day Song Challenge. I was lazy. I did the challenge so to make this blog, somehow, active.

What will I share now? Of course, all the significant events that happened to me and around me outside the cyberworld.

I will share my unforgettable experiences in the hospital where I had my 6 weeks clinical training. The new people I met along the journey. The happy moments and downfalls.

Basically, I will share to you the highlights of my life, family, friends, career, and love. I would love to share my humble opinions about anything.

Now, I only wish that I will make sense to my succeeding blog posts and I hope my laziness will never entice me. 

Talk to you soon, Buddy! J


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