In everything you do, be true... In each challenge you face, be brave... In every mistake you did, learn from it... In every person you meet, cherish each... In everyday you wake up, be prepared... be grateful because you are blessed... In every new morning, starts a new beginning... Be calm, and accept changes.


Hi! It's me, Chamz. J

I am the author of this journey blog. Obviously. I have a lot things to share with you that I missed writing them. It took me a month to hibernate from posting real blog entries, though, I was posting videos for the 30-Day Song Challenge. I was lazy. I did the challenge so to make this blog, somehow, active.

What will I share now? Of course, all the significant events that happened to me and around me outside the cyberworld.

I will share my unforgettable experiences in the hospital where I had my 6 weeks clinical training. The new people I met along the journey. The happy moments and downfalls.

Basically, I will share to you the highlights of my life, family, friends, career, and love. I would love to share my humble opinions about anything.

Now, I only wish that I will make sense to my succeeding blog posts and I hope my laziness will never entice me. 

Talk to you soon, Buddy! J


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