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How to Change Your Facebook Chatbox

If you are one of the millions of people who does not like the recent Facebook Chatbox, I have a good news!
As we all know, the current Facebook Chatbox appears to be a bit irritating. You can see the number of friends that are online, however, when you click the Chatbox tab. . . the friends you can only see are those you frequently had chat with. You can see both online and offline friends on that Chatbox tab. But there are also online friends that you can't see on the same tab. You still have to type your friend's name to check if he or she's online. It's too time time consuming rather than scroll the tab down.

Gratefully, a friend of mine post a status message. He was thankful that he has retrieved his old Facebook Chatbox. Due to my curiosity, I asked him and gave me this link.

If you can't view the above link, here's the script.

install greasemonkey add on or just click following link to install automatically
restart Firefox
click to install Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion, 
or just click following link to install automatically
hit F5 to refresh the page

click to install Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion
hit F5 to refresh the page

Unfortunatelly, the Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion isnt working here, but you have an alternative: 

right-click and choose open in new tab, 
to open a separate facebook chat in new tab. 
* if your contact list in new chat window is different from the old one, 
hit F5 to refresh the page 
* maybe you want to create a bookmark for easier next use - 
hit CTRL+D and save URL 

I don't know if it works with your Internet browser but one thing is for sure, it works on mine. J
Enjoy and share!



Nonoy said...

Ayoko rin nang bagong chatbox ng Facebook; masubukan ko nga to; thanks for sharing this.:-)

Chamz said...

Super. HEHE kaya I changed it back to the old one. hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Haha.. nahirapan akong icopy yung link na nasa blogpost mo. naka protect yung blog mo eh.. wait lang, isa-isahin ko yung letters. hihihi..

Thanks for this Chamz.. kakainis nga naman yung new FB chat.

Oh, I'm still waiting for your mail. :)

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