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Love Your Parents

"Say I love you now not tomorrow"
- P.R.Chamen

I love you, Mom!
It was early morning when I saw my college schoolmate in the medical records of our institution. I can see that her eyes went on a heavy crying. I said my Hi to her, ask her how she was doing and why she's in the hospital...

She then verbalize that her father just died and she was in that department to get the death certificate. I was sadden by what I heard. She never thought her father will be gone in just a matter of minutes. The chief complaint was difficulty of breathing and was given initial intervention through nebulization. Her father was ambulatory and said he can tolerate his discomfort. They even joke around.

Minutes later, he was having chest pain and went unconscious.

Lesson to be learned: Life can be taken away from us in just a blink of an eye. Thus, let's always make our loved ones feel that we love them because we'll never know when will be our last.



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David Pascht said...

yes..we all love our parents..without them we surely not here..

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