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Finally, I saw Anne Curtis! :)

Because it's August, a dream came true! Oh la la! Anne Curtis! :)

It was one gloomy Saturday and I am so excited to see Anne Curtis in person. She is scheduled to have her concert in our city, Davao City, as to the celebration of the Kadayawan 2012.

My friend gave me these 2 gold tickets for the Annebisyosa, No Other Concert of Anne Curtis. She (my friend) knows that I so love Anne Curtis and been wishing to meet or see her in person. Indeed, it's a dream come true. Thank you so much Chill and to your boyfriend, Mike, for giving me a wonderful birthday gift. :)

So, yes! I saw Anne Curtis in person but I haven't met and greeted her in person. I was just one of the audience 5 meters away from the stage where she was performing. I was so delighted and at bliss seeing Anne Curtis performing. She may not have the good voice but she can do better. Not kidding. :) She is really a great performer. She can entertain her audience with her sense of humor and unique voice. Just like what she said that night... "Alam niyo naman, my voice is precious." it made us laugh out loud because Anne Curtis can make herself look funny just to make other people happy. In that 2-hour plus concert, we were, indeed, very pleased.

I wish to see her again. Meet and greet with Anne Curtis, hopefully... SOON! :)


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