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Cry Until It Hurts No More

If you are in pain, cry until it hurts no more.

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Can you ever remember the last time you have shed your tears? What was the reason or who was the reason why you cried? Was it because of happiness or it's because of pain?

Let me tell you. The last time I cried was 5 hours ago. Yes. Hours not days. It's because I'm in pain right now, who is not? I'm sure one of you is in pain right now as well. I just can't figure out the reason why you are.

As they say, pain is always part of our journey. It's not always happiness that makes life worth living for. There are bitter feelings that adds taste in life. I'm just not fan of such taste. Yes, I just want to be happy. Who doesn't want to?

Happy. I want to be happy and make people happy as well. I want to make sure that the love of my life is happy. I'll do anything just to make them happy even in the smallest way that I can. But little did I know that my efforts and the things that I do everyday just to make this one important person in my life happy are the reasons why it's love had faded.

Yes, the love just faded for almost 1 year already. I already felt his love has faded since we came to our 4th monthsary. I just thought it will come back in time and will come back if we continue our relationship. But I was wrong. We were wrong because it didn't.

Right now, I am sad to know that. I am hurt to know that. I am in so much pain right now because of that. I don't what to do but just keep on crying each time I remember the times we have shared. The love that we have shared. I wish you find your true happiness as what you always say to me and the completeness that you are looking for.

PS. I love you always. I will wait as long as I can. I keep hugging Munchy whenever I go to bed and Strawberry is always on top of my head.




CheeNee said...

ouch.. hayy.. everything will be okey.. kaya mo yan..

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