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2013, Bring It On!

Hello Blogger. How are you? Happy New Year to you! It's been so last year since my last post here. I haven't updated this blog for awhile. I've been busy and keeping myself busy recently. Whoa!

Anyway, I hope you spent the best Christmas eve and memorable New Year's eve of 2012. Mine wasn't that best but it was good. We prayed and ate midnight meal. So much of sweet foods and fruits were served. Yeah!

So, part of a New Year every year is the New Year's resolution or wishlist. Hmmm. Do you have yours? Let me share mine.
1. Exercise, eat healthy foods, and take vitamins.
2. Good health, good wealth. Increase salary? hehe
3. One step at a time. One day at a time. No rush decisions.
4. More optimistic. No more self-discouragements.
5. Take more photos. Cherish every moment.
6. Travel more. Unwind as much as possible.
7. Save more and spend less.
8. Love myself, more. Self-first. :D
9. Be myself. Stay confident and humble.
10. Take care with the people who matters to me. No more taking for granted..
11.Be calm and accept changes.
12. Less laziness. So help me God.
13. Be happy and contented.

2013, Bring it on! :)


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