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Reach Tagbilaran City via 2Go Travel

Welcome to Bohol!
Do you have plans on visiting the famous Chocolate hills, blood compact, and the tarsiers of Bohol but you don't know how to get there? Here's my guide.

You can reach your destination in two options via airplane and ferry.

Tagbilaran city is the capital of Bohol. They have airport but can only accommodate flights from Manila. So, if you are from Metro Manila then go ride the airplane. It's hassle-free. However, if you are from other regions like from Visayas or Mindanao... there's no other option but to ride the ferry in Cebu city.

2GO Travel
From Cebu City, you will have to:
1. Go to Pier 4, North Reclamation Area. If you are from the Mactan Cebu International Airport, you can ride a cab and it will cost for almost 200php.
2. Choose your Cebu to Tagbilaran schedule of trip
Trip 1 = 7AM to 8:55AM daily
Trip 2 = 11:25AM to 1:20PM daily
Trip 3 - 3:55PM to 5:50PM daily
3. Purchase your 2Go Travel ticket for Tagbilaran City. Ticket price is about 550php per route. Promo tickets are also available for 3:55PM and 9:15AM trips only which cost 400php.
4. Wait for your departure.

The estimated travel time of 2Go Travel ferry is about 2 hours and 30 minutes but sometimes it can reach to 3 hours depending on the weather and the current of the sea water.

Happy trip! :)



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