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Create Some Adult Fun in Orlando

Disney is not just for kids. The fact is that once a person passes through the turnstile they are all the same age. It is more common to see grown men tearing off with an autograph book to collar a certain duck than it is to see their more image-conscious teenager doing the same thing. But there are adult pastimes in Orlando that don't involve regression.

This guide by takes a quick look at what to do if you are visiting the area with the family, friends or even on business.

After Dark
The place to be if the sun has gone down is Citywalk, which sits right in front of Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures. It's filled with restaurants, cinemas and bars and there is enough here to keep even a group of the most discerning adults entertained. Despite being in the heart of downtown Orlando, the venues are not overpriced and everyone can let their hair down and enjoy the fun.

Victoria and Albert's Grand Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

If you are staying in the park itself and are finding it hard to tear yourself away, then this is the place to go for a proper adult meal that doesn't involve burgers. You have to make a reservation but once you have you can get as dressed up as you like and chose from an award-winning menu. Combine this with a selection of fine wines and everyone will leave the table feeling satisfied.

The J.W Marriott Spa

For a bit of pampering after days following the kids round the theme parks, why not try the spa facilities in the area's J.W Marriott? Sited a few miles from the Orange County Convention Centre, this spa can offer you massages, therapies and the chance to relax in its large floating river. It really is the perfect way to recharge the batteries.

Park Avenue

To get away from the theme parks and bright lights, venture down to Winter's Park Avenue. This mile-long strip is family-friendly by day and provides plenty of places to eat and relax. By night the area is more adult-themed, the music gets louder and the bars come to life as the tables get cleared. It's a great place to wander and try different bars and atmospheres.


Orlando has some of the best-looking courses in the state of Florida and this is a great way to explore a little of the surrounding areas. Of course, there are golf resorts here but plenty of local courses as well that will give you more of a local feel.


If you're feet aren't worn out by walking around the theme parks, or if you are not visiting Orlando to meet a special mouse, then you may want to go out and dance the night away. Orlando, as with any other city, has plenty of nightclubs. Universal Studios Plaza is the home of the Latin Quarter, where you can eat, drink and then enjoy music on the patio or dance the night away in the club's interior.

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