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Philippines Joins World Pastry Cup 2015

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An international pastry contest named World Pastry Cup, which started in 1989 and happens every two years in France mainly in Lyon, is schedule to air on January 25 (Sunday).

In this competition, 21 representing countries signified by a master ice cream maker, chocolatier and a pastry chef will give their best shot to showcase their skills in making pastry with butter, chocolate, flour and sugar.

Philippines will make its debut in the competition including Algeria and Guatemala.

Aside from fruit desserts and plated chocolate, contestants will be given a task to carve a block of chocolate and assimilating the bit in the chocolate sculpture.

On Sunday, January 25 countries who will be in the competition include Philippines along with Algeria, China, Columbia, Denmark Morocco, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan and Tunisia.

While Argentina, Egypt, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States will compete on Monday, January 26.

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