In everything you do, be true... In each challenge you face, be brave... In every mistake you did, learn from it... In every person you meet, cherish each... In everyday you wake up, be prepared... be grateful because you are blessed... In every new morning, starts a new beginning... Be calm, and accept changes.

Life is Beautiful and so Am I

Hello 2016 and thank you 2015!
First selfies in 2016 c",)
A rocky-road was the path I managed to walk on. Yes, that was 2015. I had misfortunes just like anybody else experienced.

But then again that was, was. It's done and I should move on.
This year 2016, I promise to be stronger, better and happier.

Indeed, life is beautiful and so am I.
Yes! Hello 2016! ;)
More travels and adventures to unleash!

Let's Go Travel!

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