Life is too short for drama. So, go pack your things and let's travel!

The Three Beach Resorts We Visited

Hey Friends! ;)
How is the hectic schedule treating you? Is it killing you softly? LOL. For me, it does. I ain't complaining but I've been feeling so exhausted and burned out for the consistent duties with workloads in the hospital. I love serving people but I love to be served even more. LOL. Kidding aside.

Enough is enough! Let's talk about CHILLING OUT! Yeah! Sounds lovely great huh? I want to share my 2010 adventure. That is, my passion for beaches. I love you beach! Hahaha

For about 4 months, I had worked as an encoder in a certain research company. I can say that God is so Great! Know why? He answered my prayer. I've been wanting to have a job and  wanting to earn a compensated pay through my efforts. My first paid job will always be a memorable one. For such reason, I got the chance to go on visit different beach resorts with my own expense. Lovely! ;D

JANUARY 19, 2010 @ BluJaz, Island Garden City of Samal

Pool side: Gold and I trying to endorse the longest slide

The beach part: I so love white sand!

The Data Processing Team

JANUARY 31, 2010 @ Maxima, Island Garden City of Samal
 Gold and I with Ma'am Lan, supervisor of the DP team Davao branch

Ready to jump off the board! Whoa!!!

Thank God life jackets were invented. LOL. I ain't drowning, Dear!

Notice how long is that tarpaulin slide at our back. Nerve-wrecking!  LOL.
Whoa! Once is not enough. There I go, I made my sliding skills for over 5 times. Hahaha!
Time to change. Time to go home. ^_^

March 13-14, 2010 @ Mariscal Beach Resort (Lil Bora), Sta. Maria

 Aloha! Time to go home 

I so miss going to the beach already though I kinda do not like the disadvantage of getting tanner. LOL. Still I love going to the beach so I could unwind and relax my neurons and body muscles. Ola! I'll get to hit the beach's heat again, SOON! Can't wait for that another adventure. More memories, more fun! ;D

That's life my friends!
There are fun moments and emo moments. Enjoy LIFE while you're still young, alive, and kicking. So when you get old, you will have something worth-sharing for memories to your family and friends. ;D

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