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A 40-minute Cliff Walk to Howth Summit

Hello there! :)

Howth Cliff Walk is one of the popular cliff walks in Ireland which is located in Howth, County Dublin wherein the Baily Lighthouse, the last Irish automatic lighthouse, was built. 

A 30-Minute Trek to Bray Head, Ireland

Bray Head, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
One of my goals is to find a place to trek whereby I can enjoy the breeze, the sun and the breathtaking view. Then, I heard about the so-called Bray Head.

Castle in the heart of Kilkenny City

The princess has arrived. 😉
Kilkenny is one of Ireland counties and it is known as the medieval city due to the historical buildings that were made during the Middle Ages.


The Guinness Lake in Wicklow Mountains

Lough Tay lake
Hello nomads! It's been awhile and now I think I should post more often because every penny I pay for my domain (the dotcom thing) seems to be wasted. hahaha kidding!


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