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Music: Kitchie Nadal is Back!

I do not believe that number 13 is a jinx. It was November 13 when I had an unexpected MEET and GREET with Kitchie Nadal, my super musician idol. She is actually on my wishlist entitled Who I wanna Meet.

You want some proof? Here:

Before I went to the venue, I had dinner with my best chums at Frozen Avenue (a place that is cold. >.< Actually, it's an ice cream depot. No! A place where you can eat varieties of ice cream).

Anyway to give you a clear idea, here's a photo of me.

We actually ate KFC meal in this place. ^_^

And 2 of my best chums.
Est, the birthday celebrant and the one who paid the bill ,and MJ

So as I said, I did not expect that Kitchie was in the city to perform for the GSM Blue Flair Idol 2010 which happened in MTS, Davao City. I had to meet my former officemates on that place and I was shocked to see a tarpaulin stating that Kitchie Nadal will be performing. Exciting and Ecstatic! Yeah! ^_^

Here are some photos I took and to be honest, I was indeed a paparazzo. Nyay!

Backstage before she performed

Let the music play . . .

My fave photo. I so love that tattoo. ;)

She was busy with her world tour concerts for the last 2 years. I first met Kitchie Nadal in the year 2007 and I'm so on a high to see her once again.

Just sharing... ^_^

More music to come! Chill! ;)



mhay said...

nice girl! one of my idols din c kitchie nadal! thanks for sharing this! cheers! :)

chamiechamz said...

hehe welcome girl., tagal q n rin xa hndi nakita., at sa wakas, i met her again., unexpected p.,hehe i was totally at bliss., ;)

tndcallphilippines said...

beautiful and talented!