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The Ten of Christmas 2010

"Christmas with FAMILY is the best gift I had."

Our Christmas tree in super red motif
Superb! There are several reasons why I love my Christmas of 2010.
  1. I became an instant Ninang for the 2 angels.
  2. I received my first pay from my oDesk employer. The amount was $25.5. Enough for me to be happy. Considering that the tasks he gave me were quite easy to accomplish.
  3. I had so much fun working as a photojournalist in XSC Philippines. My first time to be involved in an event organizing group.
  4. I won in an online contest for the first time. I received my prize afternoon of Dec. 24th comprised with a First Aid and CPR handbook. Thank you to Mr. Jonathan Obregon for all the items.
  5. I received a money gift from my aunt.
  6. My dear friend gave me a Chocolate Moose Cake from Red Ribbon. I did not actually anticipate for it when I jokingly asked her to give me a Christmas gift or for my mom. ha!ha!ha! evening of Dec 25th, she stopped by to hand me the cake. Lovely! Next week, she'll give me PIZZA! ayeee. :)
  7. I was so happy to see my nieces jumping in happiness when they received my gifts for them. Honestly, this was my first time to give presents to my nieces. Thus, I forgot to buy presents for my nephews. Next year will do. ha!ha!ha! :D
  8. I did not expect that Steven Silva will call my name and say Hello! to me. Plus he followed me on Twitter. Kinilig nama si ako. :)
  9. I had so much fun spending my Christmas night with family and relatives plus a Skype video calling with my aunt from California completed my day. I heard so much good news from her.
  10. I am just so blessed to be ME. ^_^
Happy Birthday Jesus!

Chill! :)


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