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Trip to General Santos City

"Give yourself a break. Unwind a bit."

Someday, I'll have my own.
A close friend of mine invited me to visit their farm in General Santos City. Yes! The city where Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao came from.
I had no plans for the weekend plus all expenses were free so I decided to grab the opportunity and said Yes! to my friend's invitation. And I think it's time for me to give myself a break from all the pressures of being Unemployed. Lah! J

My friend's farm

It was my second time to be in Gen. San. but my first time to have the chance to roam around the city as a visitor. I was in the Gen. San, city for the first time to conduct a political opinion survey during those days that I worked as a researcher.

I can exactly explain the city's weather. I mean, the heat of the sun was warmer compared to the city where I came from.

But the weather did not stop me to explore the beauty of General Santos City.

As far as my long-term memory can remember, I have 4 discoveries in General Santos City.

I was amazed to see a mall that has only 1 floor or should I say, they only have ground floor. A mall named Robinsons. The funny thing was, I keep searching for an escalator or an elevator. I was hoping that my realization would be wrong but I wasn't. It really only has ground floor and no second nor third floor.
Pacman has his own water refilling station! It's undeniable for his name is vividly indicated.

They have one area where different companies of canning and fish products are made available. Every canning depot has their strict terms and conditions that must be read before entering the area. There are certain dress codes to be followed and those are indeed ideal rules.

Lastly, my favorite and unforgettable discovery was I can plant rice. You can check my full post of this HEREJ



Kamila said...

magtanim ay di biro maghapon nakayuko... parang ang ganda nung mga damo... mga tanim.. palay yata yun.. (ano ba kamil damo?)

bukid... hahaha bukid. eh sorry chamz..may ibang mundo... namimiss ko na ang simoy ng hangin sa pilipinas.

Avel Manansala said...

Magandang GenSan!
Good thing you enjoyed your stay at the Tuna Capital.
Just want to point out that Robinsons has a 2nd floor. It's inside their flagship Department Store. You can reach it through an escalator.

Manny Pacquiao has also lots of business establishments here aside from the refilling station. It's just too bad that your time must have been very limited to really discover all these places.

Next time you're back, just holler for any of the Soccsksargen Bloggers (

Thanks for this post!

Soulful said...

wow! that's a beautiful farm. we have a relative in Gen San as well, i wish i could visit there, too!

uno said...

wow! gensan! masarap ang tuna jan

mikhaelangel said...

Yeah.. Thanks for sharing. You're tempting me to visit some warm place like Gen San.. woohw.. I miss the beach.. Sabi nila npakaalat daw nang dagagt dyan.. eheh kaya maraming tuna.. hahah// I wanna visit that Pacman's one day! This article i Think is interesting -

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