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Seagull Mountain Resort, BuDa

One of the best travel destinations I ever visited!

From Davao to BuDa (Bukidnon-Davao Highway where the resort situated), it would take about 3-4 hours of travel. I have heard so much good comments about the place and they said, it is considered to be the "little Baguio" in Mindanao. This label excite me more and wanted to visit the place as soon as possible.

The Clubhouse

You have to go down to see the lovely site.

Fog! Shuuuu!

Looks like Baguio, indeed.

It was one gloomy Monday when I went to Seagull Mountain Resort along with my XSC family. We were tasked to organize the super late Christmas party of the Seagull Group of Company owned by Jesus Dureza and clan.

I just love NATURE
Though the cold weather was slowly killing me, it didn't stop me to enjoy and love the ambiance of Seagull Mountain Resort.

My first time to be in the heavenly resort was indeed worth all the time spent.

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and nature loves you too:)

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