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People of Japan, my prayers are with you.

I was on the phone, talking to my aunt from the state of C. Suddenly, my uncle called her attention to watch the live news about the very devastating tsunami in Japan that thousands of people were greatly affected. I was like, "Huh? Really?"
She then told me to turn on our TV and I was in a hurry to do so. I was like, "OMG! Is it the end of the world already?"

I came to a realization. Actually, I always do whenever there is something awful event happened.
  1. We must prepare ourselves. We don't know when is our time and that remains a surprise.
  2. Show love. Express love. Tell your loved ones that you love them before it's too late.
  3. Always PRAY. Keep the faith strong and firm.
My prayers are with you, people of Japan.



Bino said...

let's pray for the people of Japan :)

Kamila said...

Ako din state of shock nung nalaman ko toh.. halos di ako makatulog

Travel with Chamz Chamen said...

bino: pray without ceasing. :)
kamil: uu nga eh., akala ko hindi ganun k.grabe., tsk3

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