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So, it's Virgin Falls!

Virgin Falls
Virgin falls is located in Kaapatagan, Digos city, Davao del Sur. It is hidden in a solemn and remote place. It would take a lot of patience and energy for you to witness and experience the tranquility of the Virgin Falls.

If one wants to visit this place, I suggest you use a private vehicle. You should have the guts to walk a mile as well. Because before you reach Virgin falls, you will experience an hour of travel from Digos city to Kapatagan.

After you reach Kapatagan, you will start the walking from the second basketball court (forgive me, i forgot the name of the barangay).

 After few minutes of walking through plains, you will have to pass the rocky road valley and go down from that point. I tell you honestly, it was not that easy to pass through that valley. It almost made me faint. LOL

Safety precaution: always watch your steps when going down and up! Most especially if it is muddy and slippery.

Alas! We are here! :)

Latagaw in Virgin Falls

We finally have conquered Virgin Falls of Kapatagan, Digos City, Davao del Sur! :) 


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