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Green Coffee; Simply relaxing

Green Coffee at F. Torres St. Davao City
Now a days, coffee shops are in abundance! You go to a city and you can choose a lot of coffee shops to dine in and chill in. Green coffee shop is one of them. It was a first time to visit this place and I can say it's a relaxing place to spend time and kill time.

It's a self-service cafe. You order from their menu, where you can choose variety of cold and hot drinks, and wait for a minute or two then fetch your order from their counter. Green coffee shop also have salad-to-go, enticing cakes, and cookies.

It has a soothing and relaxing ambiance. If you prefer to avail the tranquil music and green scenery, sit inside but if you love fresh air, sit outside. Green coffee shop also have smoking area outside and a gazebo where fresh bamboo trunks can be found.

Go visit Green Coffee shop. Happy chilling! :)

Blended Cream Mango. :)



Unknown said...

ngayon ko lang nalaman ang tungkol sa Green Coffee. Ayos ang strategy na magkaroon ng isang mini escape sa Urban area kaiba sa ibang coffee shop

CheeNee said...

ang kulet lang.. kulay pa ng starbucks..:))

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