In everything you do, be true... In each challenge you face, be brave... In every mistake you did, learn from it... In every person you meet, cherish each... In everyday you wake up, be prepared... be grateful because you are blessed... In every new morning, starts a new beginning... Be calm, and accept changes.

Jiving at Java Jive

Chilling in Java Jive after duty :)
 Java Jive was officially opened to serve everybody since the year 2012. This new coffee shop is located at
1.18 Centron Building, Quirino Street corner Gen. Luna Street, 8000 Davao City.

I ordered Dark Mocha Milk Tea and it's yummy! :)

Club house :)
Choose your favorite cake :)

It's mission is to bring you a 24/7 Brewing, Seeping and Fizzing Jazz- & OPM-themed Bistro Cafe. It's  a perfect place to stay for family, friends, and lovers where they can enjoy jiving with the soothing music playing at the background.

For me, I had fun chilling in Java Jive. It was my first time there but it was worth the visit.


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