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Take a Break at Dayang Beach Resort

Welcome to Dayang Beach Resort! :)
In a stressful weekdays, somehow we look forward for a weekend getaway to distress and unwind a little. Let me share my weekend relaxation at Dayang Beach Resort.

Dayang Beach Resort is situated just beside Babu Santa in Talikod Island, Island Garden City of Samal. This resort is not that well-known from many tourist but it has been visited by various people. The ambiance of this resort is so relaxing. What makes it more relaxing is the fresh air you can grasp when you just sit back and unwind.

In the morning, 


 In the afternoon,

As the Sun sets,

How to go to Dayang Beach Resort?
1. Go to Sta. Ana Warf and ride a barge that will cost 60php. The travel will take 1 hour.
2. Upon arrival to Talikod island, you can ride a single motor. It will cost 50-60php per person depending on your negotiation.
3. It will take 10-15 minutes to arrive at Dayang Beach Resort.
4. For Day Tour, entrance fee will cost 50php each. For overnight stay, no entrance fee needed as long as you rent a cottage.
    Close cottages range from 500php - 1800php with free 3 gallons of drinking water. 

Enjoy your stay! :)

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