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13 Reasons Why My 2013 was Awesome.

2013 was a rocky year. There were massive calamities happened that devastated my country and countrymen. These challenges had given me a lesson to ponder and a lesson to learn.
It was indeed a great journey. Thank you 2013 and Hello 2014! Bring it on! :)
For me, year 2013 was a great journey. I've learned a lot from different areas of life. It was a remarkable year that I will never ever forget. Many unexpected situations happened. Many unexpected people that came and went from my journey. It made me stumble and fall but through it, I was motivated to get up and stand firm. It made me weak but inspired me to be strong and to hold on with life. I may have thought for so many times to just give up but at the back of my mind and in my heart, I pursued to fight back and not to give up.  I made people happy and made other sad. I was hurt and had hurt other people. Yes, I shed many tears for 2013 but those tears were overcome by countless laughs and happy memories that I will forever cherish.

So, let me share to you my 13 reasons why my 2013 was awesome.

It's a blessing for me to be able to travel 6 known places in the Philippines. In my first vacation leave, I went to Cebu and Bohol with my mom last February. In May, I experienced a beach party for the first time which was the Sarbay Fest. On June and July, I went to Surigao del Sur. By September, I was in Camiguin and last November I was in Iligan city.

On my first vacation leave from work, I chose to spend quality time for 5 days with my mom. As mentioned above, we went to Cebu and Bohol. You know, sometimes, we have to treat our mom or loved ones. Let's make them feel special and spend quality time with them. :)

#3 My True Friends
I may have been busy with my career and other things yet I am still thankful that I have friends who are worth-keeping for. We may not have constant communication yet whenever I NEED them, they are always there ready to rescue me. My TrueFriends (MJ, Gold, Est, Des, Chill, Zel, & Lor), thank you mga egatz and I love you. :)

#4 Lynore
My favorite choi. Yes, I still owe you a cup of coffee choi. I bet it's a tumbler already. haha thank you choi for always being there, ready to listen to my heartaches and blah blah in life. I love you choi. Let's have a date the soonest. :)

#5 Momi
Annie F! Momi! haha gulat ka? We may have lots of cat fight inside and outside of the hospital premises, yet you are worth-talking to whenever I verbalize things that matters most to me. Thank you momi for the friendship and the patience of listening. haha

#6 Yotch
Mam Tin! haha bayoootaaa kaaa! Little did I expect that we will be closed. Thanks to my 2-nights schedule per week. My Thursday night will never be completed without our tandem with Roj. Thank you yotch for accepting and understanding the real me. bayoootaaa kaaa! ;)

#7 Tih
Hello Tih! I am blessed that I have met you and we made a long lasting friendship for 2 years. We may not always keep in touch nowadays because we have different priorities in life already but don't worry, you can always beep me when you need a big-sister advise and a best friend. *munchie*

#8 Fren
It was such a short bonding. You are one of the people that I unexpectedly met and in a short period of 3 weeks of bonding. I can say that you made me happy and taught me many lessons. One is to always smile amidst painful happenings.

#9 4A Family
From pediatric wing to wing that caters all cases, 4A Station. I must admit, I cried when I heard the news that I will be lateral transfered to the other station. It was a new era for me that challenged my nursing skills and I am happy that I made it. I was able to overcome some of my fears and one of them is the insertion of IV line. hahaha

#10 Latagaw Family
We made it guys! We celebrated our first anniversary and I never thought we can make it. We were once strangers and now, we are lovers! hahaha thank you my Latagaw family for an amazing friendship and for the birthday surprise. I love you mga manang and mga choi. :)

#11 BIKO
Crush lang kita noon, ngayon mahal mo na ako. I am blessed because I met you and I am thankful because you make me happy even if we often fight for many stupid little things. haha lovelove. :)

#12 Stable Job
A month from now I will be celebrating my 2nd year anniversary as a staff nurse in Davao Doctors Hospital. I am blessed to have a stable job and able to practice my nursing profession. :)

#13 Good Health
Lastly, I am awesome because I end the year 2013 with good health. I may have filed many sick leave in work last year, yet, I am grateful that God made me pass those sickly moments. The migraine headache, acute gastritis, lower back pains, tonsilitis, and flu were a health challenge.

Happy 2014!

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