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Boracay Island with Friends

The island called Boracay is one of the known small islands in the Philippines. Many local and foreign tourists pay visit in this islet due to various reasons.

One, the finest white sand. Well, I have been to different beaches and I can say that Boracay Island has the finest white sand among them all. I was even confident to go barefoot while walking along the seashore.

Man-made Bora-Castle :)

Two, ecstatic Boracay activities are worth-trying for. As for us, we tried island hopping, banana boat riding, parasailing, helmet diving and ATV (All Terrain Vehicle). You may enjoy other land and beach activities, such as flyfish, Jet Ski, scuba diving, zorb, zipline, horseback riding, buddy cart and segway.


Helmet Diving


Banana Boat Riding

Island Hopping
Three, party is everywhere! From station one to station 3; resorts are alive and kicking especially in the evening. Most of the live bands and parties are held in the station 2 but it’s worth the effort to try them all.
First Dinner with True Friends :)

Dancing Chefs :)

Free KTV at Villa de Oro :)

Lastly, the beautiful horizon of Boracay. Try to visit the Ocean Tower and you can see the picturesque of Boracay Island in 360 degree angle.

Selfie + Jump shot
30 degree
90 degree
180 degree
360 degree
Team True Friends :)
Come and visit Boracay Island. Bring your friends and try the land and water activities so to make your vacation memorable. 

Happy Trip! :)

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