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Baguio's Most Anticipated Panagbenga Festival 2015

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Blooming Flowers Festival is the other term for Panagbenga Festival. It is the annual flower festival in the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio, which is a month-long celebration during February. This festival was created as a means of tribute to the city's growing flowers and also to uplift the community of Baguio from the tragic 1990 Luzon earthquake. Beautiful flowers are everywhere, from floats in the parade to the costumes of street dancers participating in the event.

If you are planning to be part of this year's Panagbenga Festival, it is best to be guided by its schedules of activities. Here are the following dates to remember and for your guidance:

FEBRUARY 1, 2015
A. Opening Ceremonies and Street Dancing Parade Competition
at Panagbenga Park, Session Road, Harrison Road, Baguio Athletic Bowl
B. Opening Concert

FEBRUARY 1 – MARCH 8, 2015
Baguio Blooms Exhibition and Exposition
at Lake Drive, Burnham Park

FEBRUARY 15, 2015
A. Handong ng Panagbenga sa Pamilya Baguio
B. Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom
C. Panagbenga 2015 Kite-Flying Challenge
D. Panagbenga Variety Show
E. Fireworks Display

FEBRUARY 19, 2015
Chinese Spring Festival
at City-wide

FEBRUARY 19-22, 2015
PMA Grand Alumni Home Coming
at Philippine Military Academy, Loakan Road

FEBRUARY 23-27, 2015
Floral Arrangement Competition and School-based Landscaping Competition (Judging)
at Elementary and Highschools in Baguio City

FEBRUARY 28, 2015
Grand Street Dancing Parade
at Panagbenga Park, Session Road, Harrison Road, Athletic Bowl

Sponsors’and Exhibitors’ Day
at Athletic Bowl

MARCH 1, 2015
Grand Float Parade
at DILG, Session Road, Harrison Road, Athletic Bowl

MARCH 1-8, 2015
Session Road in Bloom
at Session Road

MARCH 7, 2015
Pony Boys’ Day
at Athletic Bowl

MARCH 8, 2015
Panagbenga Closing Ceremonies and Grand Fireworks Display

at Athletic Bowl and various areas in Baguio’s (Central Business District) CBD

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