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I Love You, Girlfriend!

"I got the best true friends."

Never did I expect I could meet genuine people like them.

People I can share my feelings with. I can share my thoughts, my failures and my success with.

I'm glad and always be grateful that God gave me the best true friends in this journey.

Originally, we are 10 distinctive people in a group named True Friends (TF). We, by accident, labeled our group as TF when I made a comment to Gold's voice when she sang. "Yabaga nimo woi. hehehe that's what true friends are for, Choi", I blurted. Actually, most of the time I make frank and direct to the point side comments. It's natural for me. Lol
We became friends and got closer during our College days mainly in the last semester of 4th year. We took up the same course and been classmates on the same major subject. It was during our COPAR (Community duties) days when we became more than just acquaintance and the rest is history. J
Lor - Chill - Zel - Des - Me - Gold - MJ - Amz - Est
(the 10th is Cha, she's not in the picture. LOL)
After graduation, we attended nursing reviews for the Nursing Licensure Exam Nov 2009 at different nursing review centers. This separation didn't hinder us to make time to meet up on our spare time. We took the NLE. Some passed, some did not. Failures didn't break us apart but it made us closer.

(FROM 10 to 8) ME - Des - Est - Gold - Lor - MJ - Chill - Zel
To be honest, we've been through a lot of Ups and Downs in our friendship. Some changed. Some left and didn't bother to even say goodbye. We have different views in life, love, and faith. We have various interests: likes and dislikes. But what matters most is that some remain unchanged and just like the old days. We make time to be together. To be gathered as one and just laugh, eat, drink, sing, and share our dreams with in certain unforgettable moments of our lives.

My message for my TF:

You are indeed, irreplaceable. As what I have always been praying, I hope until our last breaths... we remain True Friends.

I must say, I LOVE YOU, GIRLFRIENDS! Happy 2nd year Anniversary on this 6th day of March year 2011. Can we make this friendship last until year 3000? J



Anonymous said...

dami mong gfs.hahaha

Kamila said...

nice! At shet bago ko pa maisip icocoment ko nakita ko naman ang pagmumukha ko..nangunguna pa...hahahhahaha :)

anyway... happy that you find a number of people that you'll find comfort with..kung bakit nag-english ako, di ko din alam.. hehehee

Bino said...

treasure your friends. :)

Anonymous said...

sweet, blessings.
hope to see you around more often,

share one or 3 old poems with us tonight.


Anonymous said...

thanks choi. . . este mad's. hehehehe :)

EMOTERA said...

wow. ang saya naman! :) kakamiss tuloy ang mga friends ko. :(

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