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Tambay No More

GOP Batch 66
Finally, the long wait is over. I am about to be an Angel in the sickroom again. It has been 5 long months since my last service in the hospital and I must say, I miss the feeling of helping the needy and saving lives (walang echuz.). J

March 21, we started our didactic phase. From 590 applicants, we are 31 registered nurses chosen to be in the batch 66 of the General Orientation Program of one of the tertiary hospitals in Davao City. A great privilege for me, indeed.

After 2 weeks of the didactic phase, we will start saving lives to our designated area in the hospital and that means the start of our 45 duty days to prove ourselves that we deserve to be part of this best and advanced tertiary hospital in the city.

So friends, wish me all the luck and blessings to survive the 45-day challenge. Aja!

Chill! :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! And goodluck, Chamz! :)

Bino said...

yehey! congratulations! at nawa'y matupad mo ang sinumpaang tungkulin :)

Earth said...

hey, that's so nice! congratulations, girl!

Kamila said...

wow Chamz! I'm happy for you!!! Super.. I know how it feels like to be a bum!!! Waaaahh!!! :) Go go go Goodluck!

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