In everything you do, be true... In each challenge you face, be brave... In every mistake you did, learn from it... In every person you meet, cherish each... In everyday you wake up, be prepared... be grateful because you are blessed... In every new morning, starts a new beginning... Be calm, and accept changes.

45-Day Challenge: Week 2

A little improvement.

Bravo for that! I had a lot of fun with my duties in my week 2 of the 45-Day Challenge in helping the needy and saving lives in the sickroom

I had a lovely schedule of AM-PM-NOC-NOC-NOC. Three (3) straight night duties made me feel like a walking zombie the entire shift and a BIG thanks to Mr. Strong Coffee for helping me out just to counteract my sleepyhead mode.

So, what's with my week 2?

I must say, we had the same usual census. 4 is the minimum and 12 is the maximum. Same pedia cases.

But what I love the most in my week 2, is that my preceptor appreciated my efforts and improvement. Less supervision needed and not bad for a novice nurse like me. I grabbed a lot of opportunities to talk with my patients as well as to their guardians and NOW, I think I am starting to like the Pediatric Ward.


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