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45-Day Challenge: Week 2

A little improvement.

Bravo for that! I had a lot of fun with my duties in my week 2 of the 45-Day Challenge in helping the needy and saving lives in the sickroom

I had a lovely schedule of AM-PM-NOC-NOC-NOC. Three (3) straight night duties made me feel like a walking zombie the entire shift and a BIG thanks to Mr. Strong Coffee for helping me out just to counteract my sleepyhead mode.

So, what's with my week 2?

I must say, we had the same usual census. 4 is the minimum and 12 is the maximum. Same pedia cases.

But what I love the most in my week 2, is that my preceptor appreciated my efforts and improvement. Less supervision needed and not bad for a novice nurse like me. I grabbed a lot of opportunities to talk with my patients as well as to their guardians and NOW, I think I am starting to like the Pediatric Ward.


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