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45-Day Challenge: Week 3

See you around Sir. J

I'm done with my first preceptor. I thought I'll be under Sir Nath's supervision until the week 6 but I was rotated to the other floor due to the low census in Pedia ward.

Hence, I'm still in the department where we cater mostly pedia cases. The difference is, it's not anymore a ward. In other words, private rooms.

My week 3, somehow, inspired me to do my best and give my ever best shot to perform my duty as an Angel in the sickroom.

I have learned a lot from my preceptor even if I only had 16 duties with him. He thought me a lot. He also advised me always smile even if I am assigned to the most toxic patient or to a patient who has toxic watchers/visitors.

I know I am still a novice in this field of taking care of lives and saving lives, and I am so willing to learn more even if it takes a lot of patience and a lot of energy to remain calm and alert. Yes, there are times that I feel like giving up. I had even said to myself, "enough". But at the end of the day, I feel accomplished for what I did with my patients. A simple "Thank you" from them is already uplifting on my part.

So, my 45-Day Challenge is not yet over. Week 4, bring it on! J


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