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45-Day Challenge: Week 4

Getting weak in my Week 4.

Currently. I am assigned to the other floor but with the same cases. 4C. We cater in this department all unstable to stable pedia cases without communicable ailment and critical conditions.

It's another new settings for me to get familiar with. New co-nurses for me to get acquainted with. New environment and new adjustments.

I must say, I performed with less presence of mind lately on my new area. I realized my carelessness after every performance I did. I was like, "What's wrong with you, Chamz? Stay focus for crying out loud!"

Even simple bed making, I didn't make it simple.

I have been acting so weird and carefree for three (3) straight duties with my new preceptor. I felt ashamed for what I acted lately. I even told my preceptor to please bear with my absentmindedness. I was super bothered with my performances. I talked to some of my co-trainees and vent out. They all said the same thing, "I am still in my adjustment period."

For this reason, I promise to myself that on my succeeding duties I will make it up with my sluggishness and I'll make sure I can catch up.


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