In everything you do, be true... In each challenge you face, be brave... In every mistake you did, learn from it... In every person you meet, cherish each... In everyday you wake up, be prepared... be grateful because you are blessed... In every new morning, starts a new beginning... Be calm, and accept changes.

45-Day Challenge: Week 9 - Kudos Batch 66!

Finally. The 45-Day Challenge as to the training program of one the tertiary hospitals in the city from where I undergone 2 weeks Didactic Phase (lecture) and 6 weeks Training phase is over.

My week 9 was all about the Post GOP Interview. This is the crucial phase of the training program for such reason that it is the verdict phase to our overall performance.

I must say, I am appalled a day or two prior to the day of our interview. Why? Because I know for a fact that my way to passing is hazy. So what I did were review and pray.

Surprisingly! I passed the training program. A million thanks to all the people who continued to inspire me and of course, to God who never fail to strengthen me amidst the hardships I encountered along the way.

Batch 3 and 4 with Sir Holden.

I always believe that: Even if we did our best, if it's for us, it's for us. If it's not, it's not.

Kudos GOP Batch 66! WE MADE IT!


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