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Sadya Na sa Dabaw!

August is for Kadayawan! Wooot.! If you are a nomad and loves to travel a lot, I encourage you to go visit Davao city this month. You will never get disappointed with our upcoming shows for the Kadayawan Festival.

To guide you, here is the schedule for the Kadayawan Festival 2011:

Agro-Industrial Trade Fair and Exhibit
Aug. 1 to 31 @ SM City Davao

Kadayawan Opening 
Aug. 15 @ People's Park 5PM-9PM

Aug. 15 to 22 @ Roxas Avenue 5PM-2AM

Sayaw Mindanaw
Aug. 16 to 15 @ SM City Davao 9AM-10AM

Lumadnong Bantawan: Indigenous People's Performance Showcase
Lumadnong Gama: Indigenous People's Crops and Crafts Trade Fair
Aug. 16 to 21 @ People's Park 4PM-8PM

Hiyas ng Kadayawan: Talent Night
Aug. 16 @ Abreeza Mall of Davao 6PM-10PM

Hiyas sa Kadayawan: Grand Coronation Night
Aug. 17 @ Davao City Recreation Center 6PM-10PM

Pahalipay ni Mayor and Vice Mayor
Aug. 19 and 21 @ Rizal Street 6PM-2AM

Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan
Aug. 20 @ Magsaysay Ave. to Rizal Park 9AM-5PM

Tunog Mindanaw
Aug. 20 @ Abreeza Mall of Davao 10AM-5PM

Pamulak Kadayawan
Aug. 21 @ Magsaysay Ave. to Rizal Park 9AM-5PM

Moda Mindanaw
Aug. 21 @ SM City Davao 9AM-5PM

Madayaw Dabaw! J


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nice chamz,, pareha mo ni cj ug post ba,,,,maayo mo kay naa mo sked hehehheeh

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