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Meet the (some) Davao Bloggers

I am not friendly. Honestly, I am not that friendly. I am a shy-typed person but most of my friends don't agree with me on this. Here's a proof that I AM really a shy person.

Weird. O.o
Anyway, I'm glad to meet some of the Davao bloggers. I must say, they are all fun to be with. Unique individuals with similar interests, blogging that is. Each of them have their own sort of blog category. Travel, food, photography, people, opinion, technology, and just about anything which are very interesting topics for me.

My first meet and greet with these people was last May 29, 2011. That moment I met CJ of Silaab Dabaw, Tolits of The Backpackman, and Yuli of Youngcampbell

Me, Yuli, Tolits, and CJ at DAVAO ICE GIANTS, Sta. Avenue.

Somewhere in Abreeza Mall :)
We met at Ice Giants situated at Sta.Avenue, Davao City then went to Abreeza Mall.
Yes, we were not many. HAHAHA but we were merry. Normally, we had awkward moments in our first conversation but along the way, we managed to get to know well. CJ and Yuli are both Registered Nurses which is advantage for me to exchange thoughts with because I am also one. On the other hand, Tolits is a Travel blogger whom I find also easy to mingle with because for a fact that I am a travel enthusiast. J

My second meet and greet with these people was last July 25, 2011. On that moment, another Davao blogger was added. It's Bennix of Bennixville. He is a Tech blogger. Technology, COOL and very interesting! It was also nice to exchange ideas with Bennix because he has indeed a broad knowledge as to integrated technology.

Yuli, Me, Tolits, and Bennix. CJ is missing. LOL he's behind the camera. :)
Bennix, Yuli, and CJ. Trying to get their first scoop. :)
We had our dinner at Penong's then went to People's Park and then we went to an ice cream depot.

It was indeed a great and delightful experience to meet with these new people. I am looking forward to hang out with them, again. Maybe, travel with them. Wooot! That would be completely an awesome adventure. J

See you around! xoxo



Anonymous said...

nice EB!!! punta na kayo manila dali. kitakits tayo hehehe

The Backpack Man said...

kitang-kita sa lense ng camera na grabe ang sayo nyo este namin hehehehe

Rah said...

hello davao bloggers :D (some)

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