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Support the "NO to Stairway to Mt. Apo" Campaign!

A big NO to Stairway to Mt. Apo!
Mt. Apo is the highest mountain in the Philippines and  it's a large solfataric, potentially-active stratovolcano with an altitude of 2, 954 meters (9,692 ft). It is situated in the region of Mindanao specifically between Davao City and province of Davao del Sur.

Recently, the Kidapawan City government presented their proposal to construct a seven-kilometer stairway to the summit of Mt. Apo Natural Park.

This is a big threat to all of the nature lovers and mountain climbers. If the proposal will be approved, a stairway to Mt. Apo will attract many tourists to come by and it will jeopardize the cleanliness of the natural park. No limitation of tourists means no limitation of ruining the majestic beauty and disturbing the habitats of the mountain.
Venado Lake of Mt. Apo.
For this reason, we are humbly asking for your support for "No to Stairway to Mt. Apo" campaign and please sign up the petition for "Let's STOP the Kidapawan City govt from building a 7-km stairway to Mt Apo's summit.


Thank you for the support to the Natural Park of Mt. Apo! 



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