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Enjoy Summer at Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort is one of the famous beach resorts located in the Island Garden City of Samal, Philippines. It is known for families and friends to spend their leisure time where they can relax anytime, spend weekend picnic, hit the white sand beach, and enjoy the panoramic view of Davao City and Mt. Apo.

How to get there?
1. The preferred route is in Km. 9, 1181 Sasa, Davao City. Let the image below do the talking.
2. You have to cruise across the gulf by riding the boat that will cost 15php/person. It will only take 5-10 minutes to reach Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

How much is the entrance fee?
As of March 25, 2013, entrance fee of Paradise Island was updated.

Day Time (5:30AM-5:30PM)

Beach Overnight (1PM-Next Day)
300php/person for Weekdays and Sundays
350php/person for Saturdays

Entrance fee does not include any consumable amount, and children who are one (1) year old and below are free of charge.

What are the amenities?
1. Kananan

2. The Beach (more than 300m of white sand)
3. Souvenir Shop that operates water sports and recreational games.

4. The Park and Hotel
5. AlimaSpa -cool and relaxing massage
6. Children's Playground
7. Aviary
8. Ice Cream Kiosk
9. Doc RC Hobby Shop and Aquasports
10. Kobefar pearls
11. Arsenio's Creations
12. Paradise Carnival Shows

Happy Trip! :)




Call Me Xander said...

Taga Davao ko pero wa pa gyud ko kaanhi diari sa Paradise hahaha

Sam D. said...

I'll wish to visit Davao when we go there for a visit so I'll keep in mind of this place. Thank you for visiting my blog Chamz and for the comment.

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