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Come, Visit BlueWaters at Island Garden City of Samal

Don't mind the plastic bags. :D
Another beach resort that is worth to visit and stay in for a day or two, the Bluewaters Beach Resort of Samal Island. It is situated along the Samal Island coast, Davao Gulf.

Bluewaters Beach Resort has gained its fame becaues of their amenities which include the infinity pool where you can view the beautiful horizon of the beach, the white sand beach, kiosk, picnic tables shaded by the trees of talisay, mushroom huts, shower and rest rooms, the safe cottages and suites with cable TV, full bath, and private verandas.

How to reach Bluewaters Beach Resort?
1. Go to Marina wharf. It is located in Davao Boat Club - Davao Pearl Farm Jetty
2. Board on their pumpboat named "Danica"
3. Pay 10php for the one way ride which will take 10 to 15 minutes boat ride

Remember: First trip starts at 7 in the morning and the last trip will be at 5 in the afternoon.

The above three images are credit to Bluewaters

For more information, kindly contact their office through (084) 301-4075 or 09193376987.

Happy Trip! :)


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