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Yellow Hauz, feels like home.

Come, let's drink! :)
Yellow Hauz is one of the many coffee shops you can find and dine in within the vicinity of Torres St. It is mainly located at V. Mapa, Mabini Sts., Davao City. It's a good place to stay where you can just take your order, find a comfortable couch, take a seat, wait for your order while a soothing music is playing in the background, and chill. Enjoy your meal.

Take a pick :)
You can choose from their menu your favorite cup of coffee, homemade desserts, enticing cakes, pastas, sandwiches, and pizza with an affordable price.

Winter melon with grass jelly, yum! :)
Yellow Hauz is open during Sundays to Saturdays from 8 in the morning up to 12 midnight.

Happy Dining! :)


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April San Pedro said...

Thank you for this write-up... we appreciate it very much...
-yellow hauz

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