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Camiguin Island, Small but Remarkable.

Team Latagaw was in Camiguin Island :)
Camiguin Island is one of the known island provinces of the Philippines which is politically located in Northern Mindanao region. It is the second smallest island province of the country next to Batanes both in population and land area.

Camiguin island brags their main tourist attractions and continues to attract more visitors such as the

White Island

Sunken Cemetery

Walkway to Old Volcano

Bura Soda Water

Sto. Nino Cold Spring

Ardent Hot Spring, and Katibawasan Falls

How did we get in Camiguin Island?
1. You can ride a plane, bus, van, or private vehicle.
2. From Davao, we rented a jeepney (you read it right, jeepney.) and started the journey around 12 midnight. It took 8 hours of travel from Davao to Camiguin via Bukidnon.
3. We arrived at Balingoan port in Misamis Oriental around 8 in the morning.
4. We have to ride the ferry boat so we can cross to Camiguin Island. We paid 170php per person (including the fare for the jeepney).
5. After, more than 1 hour of ferry travel... we arrived to Camiguin Island.
6. For your convenience, there are private resorts you can choose and stay from in the island, like in Pabua's resort where we stayed overnight.

Happy Trip! :)


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Globehunters said...

I didn't know about this place, what a little paradise it must be, I'd love to visit, I have not been on holiday for 2 years and I really miss some adventure.
By the sound of it getting there is the most complicate part, am I right?
but then, once you get there you forget everything..

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